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The best performing stock of all time is not Apple, Google, or even Coca Cola, despite the relative strong performance of these bluechip companies. Altria, the American tobacco company that produces Marlboro cigarettes, has earned shareholders the best returns of any American stock, ever, since 1900.

We believe that companies that sell ‘mind altering’ substances are the best positioned for sustained success out of any industry and have thus created this index. $1 invested in the tobacco industry in 1900 was worth $6,300,000 by 2010 – more than 165x the average industry growth. Mind altering companies are split into the following categories: tobacco, cannabis, alcohol, and more recently, psychedelics. The purpose of this website is to identify historical trends in tobacco and alcohol and apply these findings to make predictions about the future of cannabis and psychedelics.

We may have missed the tobacco train by simply being born too late, but an unprecedented opportunity presents itself with the legalization movements for cannabis and psychedelic drugs.

Disclaimer: none of the information on this site constitutes professional investing advice. We have not been paid to promote any of the companies listed, although the authors may have long holdings in any of the companies listed.

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Psychedelic drugs are by no means a new concept. The late 1960’s and 70’s saw rampant usage of the drugs, and their impact on popular culture was immense (Grateful Dead, e.g.). Substances like psilocybin mushrooms and peyote have been altering minds for millennia. Despite the Psychedelic heyday of the late 20th century, we are embarking on a new golden age of psychedelic drugs. Governments are finally recognizing the potential therapeutic value in psychedelics, and multiple companies have secured research rights to develop treatments for disorders such as PTSD, opioid addiction, and depression. For the first time ever, the public can invest directly in these industries. Many of these companies are penny stocks and only available on OTC exchanges.

Click on the name of a company for a detailed profile. The Index currently only includes psychedelic stocks, but we are working tirelessly to expand its breath to include all mind altering companies. There is still value in the data, however, as it can be used to compare companies within the industry and make predictions on the performance of upcoming IPOs. Two indices are given: the MAIpsyc shows how the company ranks within the psychedelic medicine, and the MAI shows overall performance compared to all other types of mind altering companies such as cannabis. MAI coming soon. Again, this is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional investment advice. Data are current as of May 20, 2020.

MindMed0.634 MAIpsyc
New Leaf Brands0.426 MAIpsyc
Champignon Brands0.698 MAIpsyc
Hollister Biosciences0.294 MAIpsyc
Revive Therapeutics0.439 MAIpsyc
Numinus 0.612 MAIpsyc


The legal marijuana industry has been expanding rapidly, and as more jurisdictions around the world consider legalization legislation, the race is on to establish market share.

Many types of companies participate in the industry, ranging from cultivation to distribution. We have gathered a selection of the top performing firms, representing the various sectors within the industry.

Cannabis stocks experienced a boom in late 2018 and early 2019 and have since retraced to a more sustainable price point. The Mind Altering Index is seeking to analyze lessons learned from this boom and apply the wisdom to predict the upcoming psychedelic boom. Data are current as of May 10, 2020.

Aurora Cannabis 0.684 MAIcann
Tilray Inc. 0.483 MAIcann
Cronos Group 0.684 MAIcann
Canopy Growth 0.945 MAIcann
Aphria Inc. 0.518 MAIcann

The Composite Mind Altering Index

As mentioned above, our goal is to create an index that enables the comparisons of companies between industries. Toward that end, we are working to develop a standardized ranking system that will function as a sort of plug-and-chug algorithm. We have made progress, but the system is still far from perfect. It will require considerable trial-and-error to establish the perfect weights for each factor of the equation. The chart below displays results from the BETA run of the algorithm, including all ten companies listed above. You will notice that the labels on the bar distinguish the type of each company, and that four out of the top five scoring companies belong to the cannabis sector. This is to be expected, as the sector is considerably more established, with multiple companies trading on the world’s largest markets.

Despite the advantages the cannabis sector enjoys, such as growing legalization, MindMed performs surprisingly well. This is due to the strength of their management team – ranking first in the composite MAI.

In-depth analysis along these lines will only continue to improve as we enter more data into the algorithm. In addition, we are creating detailed analyses of the each company’s management team. These databases will be updated weekly to reflect new acquisitions, funding rounds, research trials, and talent acquisition. This will all be packaged into a premium membership product, enabling users to dive deeper into our algorithms and run various simulations.